Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DARPA PAL, Clippy, armed to the teeth

So there's all this talk about Web3.0 now, as I described in a previous blog entry. In poking around DARPA, I ran across their PAL project. The vision of PAL is:

DARPA intends to make major and long-term contributions to the field of cognitive systems, by:
  1. producing long-term scientific and technical innovations in the areas of machine learning, reasoning, perception, and multi-modal interaction;

  2. developing prototype PAL systems that bring together the best individual technologies to create integrated cognitive assistants;

  3. conducting a progression of increasingly more capable and robust prototypes to be tested and used in real world situations.
So this sounds familiar! In more pedestrian applications, I think mobility and Web3.0 look a lot like the PAL vision.

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