Thursday, April 19, 2007


SLForge is...

a place to search for Open Source goodies (osbies) in Second Life®. These items are not the same as freebies because you can see how they work and even enhance them.

You can also become an author and reference your own Open Source creations in SLforge. The purpose of SLforge is to develop an Open Source model of creation which will cohabit peacefully and respectfully with the merchant model.

Gonna go tonite and check out one of their terminals. There are also several ideas I'm thinking about, mostly around taking the web2.0 mash-up mentality to SecondLife. More on those later. This isn't a blog about Second Life, per se, but just happens to be on the radar in several respects. I'm working on some cool ideas, so check back, maybe this weekend I can show some screen shots and map some things out!


Anonymous said...

SLforge is still alpha but does quick progresses. So you will face difficulties to find the terminals :-), as we still somehow hide them. But I'd be happy to offer you a guided tour :-).

Catherine Pfeffer

Unknown said...

Sure, anytime. I work in a higher-ed institution, and there is a lot of interest in Second Life among universities. The open source model seems like a nice fit!

Drop me a line, or maybe we can plan an SL meetup. Contact info in my profile!