Thursday, May 3, 2007

REST-ful Rails

Ok, I'm drinkin the kool-aid...

I've been hacking around (with purpose) on the ideas described in my previous post. I've got a prim in Second Life that acts as a sensor, identifying active (objects running scripts), and capturing the name, SL key, position, etc of each responding object. The first case is to collect these relations between 'given' name, and SL-assigned key for the object. Given that my sensor works, I'm working tonight to create the interface on the real-life side. The sensor can take each detected object, and use the LSL http request to send this observation for storage outside of Second Life.

Http request from SL....there's good reason to take advantage of REST-ful approaches. That's where I am tonight, going through a really interesting tutorial/document about building REST-ful interface using Ruby and Rails. So I'm loosing steam, and won't have it all done tonight, but should be soon! As I had posted yesterday, maintaining an easily updated database/registry of SL objects is the first step. Next, I'm working on more formalized mechanisms for a store-and-forward queue from RL => SL, and some fashion of an event pub-sub mechanism for SL => RL. The latter may be a cursory attempt, just for grins, but I could see applications.

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