Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bit of vid showing RL/SL mashup

Willi had captured a bit of video from Second Life showing a campus walkabout with his mobile -> second life reporter. What can I was a nice day on campus!

This afternoon, the band I'm in starts recording a new cd. As we're complete unknowns, (and probably deservedly so), we're all DIY. The first time we did this, about eight years ago, it was to a Tascam 80-8 with one bad channel, using a DBX unit that had 4 good channels. We're starting this one out with capability for about 80 tracks, and all the eq's, compressors, and misc. rack gear that we'd rationally want to use. In addition, we can carry the project between home studios and our tracking 'shed', and do independent overdubs. The whole thing is probably going direct to the web under Creative Commons...the march of technology is changing the lives of anyone with any creative impulse, and the web will allow us to reach the dozen people that would want to listen to us prattle on, long tail indeed!

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