Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Android and Agents

I am able to revive my interest in agent computing a bit with a few projects, especially the development of a Social Computing Room on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. The whole smart space, ambient computing thing really plays into where I see the web evolving...that is, an always connected web of people and things, with a continuous flow of information shaped by location, presence, situation, and the filtering effects of social networks.

Agents to me are the perfect interface between myself, my devices, my environment, and others around me. Agents can also play a part in mediating between my 'personal cloud', and the larger web. This mediation is two way...I may be life-blogging, sending real-time media, location reports, etc. I may also be watching for events, conditions, or proximity.

Anyhow, I am looking at setting up some agents to automate things in the Social Computing Room, so I popped out to the JADE site to see if I had the latest version, to find that they are working on a JADE agent toolkit for the Anderoid platform:

Version 1.0 of JADE-ANDROID, a software package that allows developing agent oriented applications based on JADE for the ANDROID platform, has been released. Android is the software stack for mobile devices including the operating system released by the Open Handset Alliance in November 2007. The possibility of combining the expressiveness of FIPA communication supported by JADE agents with the power of the ANDROID platform brings, in our opinion, a strong value in the development of innovative applications based on social models and peer-to-peer paradigms. See the JADE-ANDROID guide for more details

That looks really interesting, note their (tilab's) own observation about the relation of Android to social network enabled, peer-to-peer applications.

Incidentally, I note that I have crossed the 100th blog post line, so w00t!

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