Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So that's what happened to Wave

I tried Wave, was unimpressed, but felt like it would follow the classic hype curve. At any rate, I'm working on my Masters of Science in Information Science at the School of Information and Library Science. It's a wonderful program, though challenging with family + full time job + music gig. I'm holding it together (but procrastinating on some homework right now).

I am interested in collaborative search and sense-making from back in the day at RENCI when I was looking at InfoMesa, and recent research in my summer class has me thinking about this again. Many aspects of collaborative search and sense-making were captured in the original intent of Wave. I never bought that it was a new form of communication, or that it was revolutionary in that respect. What I still think is that it has some aspects of a platform for collaborative search and sense making. I especially like how it can combine time-shifted asynchronous activities with synchronous activities. What's most compelling is to look at what Wave was doing as an application platform. Collaborative search and knowledge discovery could be a great one for Wave.

I guess I've been busy working, because I'd hardly noticed that Wave has gone over to Apache as 'Wave in a Box'. While it appears to be in early incubator stage (they probably don't know what to do with it either), it bears watching.

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