Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to better habits

I've neglected the blog, but trying to do better.

It has been a busy few months, largely spent putting together talks and demonstrations of the Social Computing Room, as well as the other spaces in the RENCI UNC Chapel Hill Engagement Center.

I'm into a lot of different things right now, which I'll describe in greater detail later. I'm:

  • Working more with UbiSense, which is a real-time 3D location sensing system. I've been concerned with bridging UbiSense using their .Net API to something called VRPN, which is an abstraction layer developed in the Computer Science department at UNC Chapel Hill. Eventually, we'll have a full-blown UbiSense server implementation. I'm working on handling button press signals from the tags right now, having some C# fits.
  • I began working on a tag ageing service for UbiSense, and ran into some code on the UbiSense forum that got me started (the UbiSense forum has been very helpful).
  • I've been learning OpenGL and GLUT, which I'll need as we develop new applications for the Social Computing Room.
  • Between VRPN and OpenGL, I'm having to use C++, which I've dabbled with in the past. It's not been my language of choice in the past, but it's becoming more useful.

Geez, that's enough for now.

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