Monday, February 25, 2008

Sun Worldwide Education and Research Conference

Here's an item that I'll probably check on this week...

Sun is moving fast on many fronts in 3D worlds - but
focusing on education. I hear they will have an
important announcement this week at their Worldwide
Education & Research Conference in SF:

The agenda shows SUN Founder Scott McNealy speaking
wedged between the Immersive Education Forum and Lunch
the second day. I'm GUESSING that this placement is
intentional and hints that Sun has BIG news for
educators interested in immersive environments.

I played a bit with MPK20 (the Sun virtual environment). It still has limited features, but it's open, and among the ones to watch, along with Croquet. I may put up the feed in the Social Computing Room as availability permits, if anyone is interested in viewing it there, let me know.

Other than that, I'm wrestling a bit with UbiSense again!

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